Voters of NY unite.

Wait until you see the salaries the MTA is paying, no wonder they're going broke.

Would you believe there are TWO Car Repairmen (making 284K and 275K)and ONE Road Car Inspector (276K) in the top FIVE highest salaries at the MTA? They make just a few thousand dollars less than the CEO of the MTA, who makes 290K.

There are 654 employees making over $150,000 for a total of about 111 MILLION dollars a year.

There are a total of 78,000 PLUS employees working for the MTA. I'm sure we'll see more of the same, huge salaries way more than the private sector. I'll be putting up the salaries between 100K and 150K soon.

And these crooks are cutting our services and taking bus passes away from school kids?

Now you know why the MTA is going broke.

Click HERE to view the list. I have this and more on soon.

The first one is by Salary and the second is by Job title. I will be putting a sortable list up soon.

The data was obtained from .

Bloomberg is spending 350 TIMES the amount that Thompson is spending, yet Thompson is only a few points away from beating the lying, sneak Bloomberg. It looks like the people are starting to realize what kind of a bum Bloomberg is.

Just a few weeks ago, Bloomberg raised sales tax. A day later he gave out raises for his managers to the tune of 65 MILLION dollars (PER YEAR) with RETROACTIVE raises. This is the kind of bum that he is. He thinks because he has BILLIONS of dollars that YOU and ME will do whatever he wants. HE and the City Council TOOK AWAY your vote. They negated that election for their own greedy reasons. They got their jobs BECAUSE of term limits and liked them so much, they wanted to keep them.

They didn't just allow the mayor to run a 3rd term, they did it for themselves too. Why did Bloomberg let them do that? Because that was the only way the City Council would let him do it, take them along with him.

Oh yeah people, they also gave themselves another raise!! City Council members get more than 125 THOUSAND a year. This is for a PART-TIME job. They can make whatever else they want. Run any business they want. No wonder they don't want to give that up. Neither would I, but we said we want term limits in a VOTE. We did it TWICE because they tried again to get it overturned. This last time, despite 85% of the people saying NO, they did it behind closed doors and overturned (TOOK AWAY) your vote.

Vote Bloomberg out and also those 29 traitors who we trusted to represent us and then stabbed the voters in the back. Take back your government people. Elect Thompson for mayor. If he doesn't do the job, we'll vote him out next. We'll do that until we get politicians who will represent the people like they're supposed to.

Lower your speaker first.

People. Please do not let Herr Bloomberg BUY the mayor's job AGAIN!!. Weiner dropped out because he said he can't come close to spending what the dictator mayor will. No one else wants to run against him because he has unlimited money. This isn't fair. It's time to limit how much a candidate can spend on campaigning. Political offices should not be bought, like our new president did. There is no way that Bloomberg can win unless he spends close to 100 MILLION dollars. He knows that. He knows the people will remember how he LIED to them when he said overturning term limits (that people voted on) would be disgraceful. Yes, those were his words. Then he turned about face and forced the city council to VOID YOUR VOTE. Yes, that's right, they took away YOUR vote where you said you wanted to keep term limits. He will flood TV and newspapers hoping you will forget the many lies and other things (raising taxes, adding surcharges to just about everything) he has done to the middle class. Yes, the middle class always gets the dirty end of the stick with Bloomberg. You can bet your last dollar that if he does win, that he will run again and once again take your vote away. We have to STOP this piece of garbage now before it's too late.

Herr Bloomberg succeeded in discarding your votes. He is truly a dictator now. He has totally ignored the more than 90% of the people who wanted to have term limits put to a vote by the people and not by the city council. The city council had everything to gain from overturning the people's vote. They get to run again for a 3rd term and maybe get some more of that easy money - $112,000+ for that do-nothing job of theirs.

That Bloomberg lapdog Quinn did an about face as did the mayor on term limits. She hid millions in a slush fund, gave money to her friends and she's still in office. So is Larry Craig and a lot of other crooks and perverts. Why should they leave? People are stupid and will forget about it in a few short weeks and they keep their cushy high-paying jobs. Are you an idiot? They think so because you do nothing to get rid of them. Enough of that.

The mayor made about 10 to 15 BILLION dollars while he was in office for 8 years. That's why he wants to run for another term. Anybody in their right mind would want to if they could make a few BILLION more. He has no shame, no embarassment at all. He has done some good things for the city, but more for himself. And when he does something 'good' for the city. you know one thing is for sure; it's going to come out of your pocket once again. He won't be happy until your paycheck is electronically transferred to the city bank account.

We have to get rid of this bum people. Besides being a dictator, he's a liar. He's lied to you many times. He said it would be disgraceful if the city council discarded your vote to keep term limits. Yeap he said that. Then he said  that the city council has too much power to be able to reverse the vote of the people. Yeap, said that too. He lied once again while the 'public' hearings (what a joke that was) were going on. He said there's only a few people against this but most want to overturn term limits and throw away their vote. ALL the polls showed the the people, 90+ percent of them, were against this action, they wanted to vote on it. He, the entire city council and everyone else on the planet knew that. Those are just a few of the many lies this wannabe dictator and his lapdog Quinn has told you.

Now you can decide what is worth more to you; having Herr Bloomberg and that crooked, self-serving city council serve 3 terms or YOUR VOTE. I value my vote more. It means a lot to me. If they can overturn a popular vote like this what is the next step, councilmembers for life? Mayor for life? Having no elections any more and the government telling you who your president is? You can vote all those who took your vote away out of office this coming election. Get rid of them and get people who will truly represent you.

They are trying to scare you by telling you how troubled times are and you need them. They say we need people who have experience to run this city. Hello? They haven't done anything for 8 years but now all of a sudden they're capable and will guide you through these troubled times. What a crock. All they care about is the money, money, money.

The get 112 THOUSAND dollars for this job. A do-nothing job that they hardly show up for. Then almost every one of them get a 'bonus' for heading a silly committee where again they do nothing. That's not all. There's no limit to the 'outside' income they can make. No wonder they want to hold onto this job. Oh, I forgot. If that isn't enough they can just give themselves a raise. They gave themselves a 25% raise just about 2 years ago. (See STORY ). Holy Cow, I want that job, wouldn't you?

We can start to take our government back by getting rid of those councilmembers who took your vote away. We elect the ones who did represent you to a third term. We get rid of those that are in their 1st term. They are the ones that shold have voted to defeat this. They could have easily but they're just as greedy as the others who were leaving. We support those who will NOT run again even though they can in whatever position they are running for.

And don't forget the other two liars, James Vacca (D) Bronx and Darlene Mealy (D) Brooklyn. They both said they were voting against and voted FOR when their turn came. Lying bastards didn't even have the courage to tell their people how they were voting. And all the UNDECIDEDs (except ONE) also didn't have the courage to tell their constitiuents their vote beforehand.

Have you had enough yet? DO you want politicians who will represent you, serve you and not themselves? You have to vote them out. You can't just stand by and think you vote doesn't count. There are plenty of us, more than enough to get rid of the scum that took our vote away, starting with Bllomberg and his lapdog Quinn next election. How dare they think we are stupid and can't think for ourselves. Get rid of them people.

Stay tuned to this site. I will be ranting and raving until these lowlifes are out of politics. I will be putting a forum up here or a blog. I willbe telling you about other sites that are trying to get rid of them also. We have had it, as Peter Finch said in the movie Network, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore.'  That movie was way ahead of it's time people.

Lapdog Quinn slush fund. Why (or how) is she still in office?

Doesn't anyone remember this NY Post article?

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office hid millions of taxpayer dollars by allocating grants to phantom organizations as a way of holding the funds to dole out political favors later - bogus bookkeeping that is the subject of city and federal probes, The Post has learned.

Among the dozens of fabricated groups that were slated to receive funds were the "Immigration Improvement Project of New York" ($300,000), the "Coalition for a Strong Special Education" ($400,000) and the "American Association of Concerned Veterans" ($422,763).

The total amount set aside in 2007 and 2008 for the fake organizations - which are each listed by name in the city budget after being inserted at the council's request - was $4.7 million. In the two years, 30 phantom groups were listed, council aides confirmed.
See entire article

City Council Stinks (30 sec)

Bloomberg two-faced hipocrite (45 sec)

Billionaires for Bloomberg (57 sec)

NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson Quotes Bloomberg/Quinn (79 sec)

How much does a council member make? Click  HERE to be amazed.

Here's a list of how they voted. I copied this from

Names in RED are 1st termers who voted YES to ignore our votes.

Two liars are listed below.
How they voted




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